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Paw Patrol, Hello Kitty & Peppa Pig first aid and healthcare products comfort and care for kids. A cuddle from a favourite friend, Peppa Pig makes it better! Includes bruise soothers, kids plasters, forehead thermometers, digital thermometers, hand warmers,  Peppa Pig & George to the rescue, comfort kids bumps and bruises,
Paw Patrol

Paw Patrol Bruise First Aid Kit

Crash, Bang, Cute!
Paw Patrol Bruise First Aid Kit Paw Patrol “A ruff ruff rescue!”

Kids are always having little accidents, at home and away. Our new Paw Patrol first aid kit contains important items to clean and dress wounds and monitor temperature, perfect to help get kids back in to action fast.

Each kits contains 40 components, including ‘hero medal stickers’ to be pinned to kids that have recovered from little bumps and scrapes.

Paw Patrol Bruise First Aid Kit Paw Patrol
Pack contains finger plasters, knee plasters, graze plasters, cleansing wipes, dressing pads, tweezers, a thermometer and hero stickers to be worn like medals.
All medical devices within this kit are CE marked.
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