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Paw Patrol, Hello Kitty & Peppa Pig first aid and healthcare products comfort and care for kids. A cuddle from a favourite friend, Peppa Pig makes it better! Includes bruise soothers, kids plasters, forehead thermometers, digital thermometers, hand warmers,  Peppa Pig & George to the rescue, comfort kids bumps and bruises,
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Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig Pirate Bruise Soothers

Soothe bumps, bruises and minor aches
Peppa Pig Pirate Bruise Soothers Peppa Pig “What’s wrong?” asked mummy pig.

“I tripped over my shoe laces!” said Peppa.
“I bumped my knees!”

Kids are always having little accidents, but our Peppa Pig Bruise Soothers are perfect for comforting tearful princesses and clumsy cowboys.

Used cool, our Bruise Soothers are great for reducing swelling, soothing bumps and headaches, and taking the sting out of insect bites and sun exposure. Used warm, our these kids gel packs also comfort aches and pains and help bring back smiles fast.

Peppa Pig Pirate Bruise Soothers Peppa Pig
Use cool or warm
Hypoallergenic & pthalate-free
Safe gel
Lead-free ink
Peppa Pig Pirate Bruise Soothers Peppa Pig The Peppa Pig bruise soother is filled with a safe gel that retains temperature and helps reduce swelling. They are made from Phthalate free PVC, so no need to worry about harmful chemicals. Keep Peppa and George soothers in the fridge so they’re ready to use.
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